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Music Concert

Posted: 2014/01/13 in Fun


Yesterday I went to a music concert.

I had the opportunity to experience playing many instruments like the piano, cello, violin, clarinet, flute, tuba, xylophone and french horn. I liked the clarinet the most. It made a funny sound.

I received a little chat by a professional every time after I tried an instrument. I also received a sticker on a special card. After collecting all 9 stickers I received a present at the main entrance. There were too many kids crowding the place and the staff immediately ran out of balloons .

The professional musicians played a nice music concert for the audience.  We were lucky because we got to sit on the second floor balcony seats. A trumpeter performed a special song while using plastic round tool which he placed in front of his trumpet. It was really cool!

I play the piano and I think it is very hard to learn how to play it well. When I talked to the musicians, they told me it takes long time and lots of practice to get better. I guess I need to practice more.


Mother Farm

Posted: 2013/04/29 in Fun

On Saturday 27, April, I went to Mother Farm with my mom, dad and grandparents. We took a ferry from Kurihama Port to Chiba. After the 30-minute ferry ride we took a bus and arrived at Mother Farm.

The first thing we did was watch a pig race. There was a little pig with a number 3 on his back that won 2 races in a row! After that we went to see the cows. I had the opportunity to milk a cow. The cow’s utter felt mushy. We then visited the goats. We fed them some carrots that we brought from home. After feeding the goats we went to the rabbit house. There were 4 rabbits of different colors: 2 black, 1 white and 1 tan. The best part was the “Go Karts” because my dad controlled the break and gas pedals and I got to steer the car. We almost crashed into a wall! An interesting part about the farm was a place where you could take off your shoes and socks and place your feet into a tank full of little fish that were hungry to eat you old skin. It was very ticklish. I also got to do a maze challenge; I beat the opponent and won a prize!

I had so much fun that I recommend this place for all kids to visit with their families.

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Universal Studios Japan

Posted: 2013/04/29 in Fun

I went to Universal studios Japan in Osaka. There was a huge globe of the earth at the entrance. After paying for the tickets we watched a 4-D Sesame street movie. In that film Elmo explained how to use your imagination to make a movie.

The second movie we watched was Terminator part 2 in 3-D. In that movie John Connor was being chased by evil terminator robots from the future.  John was lucky to have his own friendly terminator robot that was programmed to protect him. It was an awesome movie and I would like to watch it again.

A very exciting was the Space Fantasy ride. I got on a flying saucer that had four seats and I went with my dad. The flying saucer went as fast as a roller coaster and it was also spinning.  I was scared and excited at the same time while riding that flying saucer.  I bought a Sun Fairy Lego puzzle which had over 130 pieces and it took me 3 days to complete it.  I had fun and loved it at Universal Studios Japan.  I definitely would like to come back in the future.

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The Train Museum

Posted: 2013/03/24 in Fun


On March 10, I went to the train museum.

There were many toy trains made from a guy named: Mr. Hara.

The toy trains were cool.

There was a train show that had many trains moving.

There were binoculars so you could see the trains that were far away.

There was even a train with candy but we could not take the candy.

Then I saw an awesome train.

It was called a Suspension Railway.

It was hanging from a metal bar!

I had fun looking at the trains.

The Cupnoodles Museum

Posted: 2013/02/18 in Fun

On Sunday February 17, 2013 I went to the CupNoodleMuseum in Yokohama.  My mom bought the tickets and to go through the gate we had to scan it on a machine.  I went inside a room with a timeline of when the different types of cup noodles were sold for the first time.  There were so many different types of noodles!  After that we went into a small theater to watch a movie about Momofuku Ando, the inventor of the cup noodle.  An animation character of Momofuku Ando introduced how he invented instant noodles when he was 40 years old.  In the movie he gave hints of how he was successful in making noodles.  His advice was to always be on the lookout for new ideas, never give up, think different and make ideas.

Mr. Ando at the age of 95 years even invented noodles for the astronauts to eat in outer space.  In the museum there were different room exhibits about light and camera tricks which create illusions.  After seeing the exhibits we went to the noodle factory.  First I got a cup from the vending machine.  We then sat down to decorate the outside of the cup with our own custom designs and drawings.  I drew some pictures on the outside of the cup then I gave my cup to the assembly line workers.  There the cup was filled with noodles and ingredients.  A machine sealed the cover and wrapped the whole cup.  At the end I placed my own cup noodle inside an airbag.

For lunch we went to a restaurant inside the museum which serves different types of noodles from the whole world.  I chose pasta from Italy, my mom selected phu from Vietnam and tom yum goong from Thailand.  Dad ate fried noodles from Indonesia and lagman noodle from Kazakhstan.  All the different types of noodles were delicious.  After eating lunch I had the chance to visit the playground inside the museum.  I enjoyed the part where there is a huge upside down noodle cup and inside of it there is something spinning all around and it makes you feel like you are the one spinning.  I really enjoyed visiting the CupNoodleMuseum!  The next day for lunch I got to eat the cup of noodles I had designed. It was delicious!