47 Ronin

Posted: 2014/02/13 in My Blog



Today I went to the theater to watch the movie “47 Ronin”.

It was an awesome story about 47 samurais that wanted to avenge the murder of their lord. They gathered people to fight. The samurais needed more weapons for their last battle, so they went to a cave in the forest where demons lived. In this cave one samurai named Kai was raised to be a professional killer. These demons constructed one of the finest swords for battle and that is the reason Kai wanted to go there. Kai told his friend, Oishi, to follow him inside the cave and told him that no matter what happens to not draw his weapon, because if he did, the demons would come and kill him. The demons tested Oishi’s will, but he did not draw his sword and passed the test. After they got their weapons, they came to a temple. The samurais took out the guards and then attacked their leader. Eventually, they killed the evil leader! Since the samurais were told by the shogun not to seek revenge for the death of their lord in the end as a punishment, they were all ordered to commit suicide.




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