Music Concert

Posted: 2014/01/13 in Fun


Yesterday I went to a music concert.

I had the opportunity to experience playing many instruments like the piano, cello, violin, clarinet, flute, tuba, xylophone and french horn. I liked the clarinet the most. It made a funny sound.

I received a little chat by a professional every time after I tried an instrument. I also received a sticker on a special card. After collecting all 9 stickers I received a present at the main entrance. There were too many kids crowding the place and the staff immediately ran out of balloons .

The professional musicians played a nice music concert for the audience.  We were lucky because we got to sit on the second floor balcony seats. A trumpeter performed a special song while using plastic round tool which he placed in front of his trumpet. It was really cool!

I play the piano and I think it is very hard to learn how to play it well. When I talked to the musicians, they told me it takes long time and lots of practice to get better. I guess I need to practice more.


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