The important thing about a story is that it has a main idea.

It tells your many things and it lets you have something to do when you are bored.

But the most important thing about a story is that it has a main idea.



My Onomatopoeia

Posted: 2013/05/02 in Poems

                         < The Fish >

Slurp, splash, gurgle,

Every time I look at my tank I don’t see a thing.

Meow, moo, and roar,

The next time I look, I see two big eyes looking at me!


My Name

Posted: 2013/05/02 in My Blog


E – Energetic boy.

R –  Rich personality

I – Intelligent student

C – Car, car, runs fast as a car

Mother Farm

Posted: 2013/04/29 in Fun

On Saturday 27, April, I went to Mother Farm with my mom, dad and grandparents. We took a ferry from Kurihama Port to Chiba. After the 30-minute ferry ride we took a bus and arrived at Mother Farm.

The first thing we did was watch a pig race. There was a little pig with a number 3 on his back that won 2 races in a row! After that we went to see the cows. I had the opportunity to milk a cow. The cow’s utter felt mushy. We then visited the goats. We fed them some carrots that we brought from home. After feeding the goats we went to the rabbit house. There were 4 rabbits of different colors: 2 black, 1 white and 1 tan. The best part was the “Go Karts” because my dad controlled the break and gas pedals and I got to steer the car. We almost crashed into a wall! An interesting part about the farm was a place where you could take off your shoes and socks and place your feet into a tank full of little fish that were hungry to eat you old skin. It was very ticklish. I also got to do a maze challenge; I beat the opponent and won a prize!

I had so much fun that I recommend this place for all kids to visit with their families.

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Fun Facts about Florida

Posted: 2013/04/29 in Stories


★Florida was the 27th state in the USA; it was admitted on March 3, 1845.

★State Abbreviation – FL

★State Capital – Tallahassee

★Bordering States – Georgia, Alabama

★Largest City – Jacksonville

★Population – Florida is the 4th most populous state in USA, after California, New York and Texas.

★Origin of the Name Florida – Florida was first seen by the Spanish explorer in 1513, named as “Pascua de Florida”, meaning “Feast of Flowers” in Spanish.

★Florida averages 10 deaths and 30 injuries a year from lightning.

★Orlando attracts more visitors than any other amusement park destination in USA.

★Crystal River is the only place in North America where it is legal to have a supervised swim with gentle manatees.

★There are more than 30,000 lakes and 1,300 golf courses located in Florida.

★Pensacola’s nickname is the “City of Five Flags” because it has been under the rule of the Spanish, French, English, Americans and Confederates.

★Florida is home to the largest breeding population of bald eagles in the lower 48 states.

★St. Petersburg Clearwater claims to have 361 days of sunshine annually.

★The Florida Everglades are the only place in the world where alligators and crocodile co-exist.