Suka the little Iguanodon

Posted: 2013/01/27 in Stories


Suka is the name of a little Iguanodon dinosaur that was trying to survive in a very dangerous world filled with bigger dinosaurs.  One day he was trying to run away from an Apatosaurus that was trying to eat him.  Little Suka had to run up a hill in order to escape.  While he was doing this, he saw a mudslide coming his way.  Little Suka was trying his best to get to the top of the hill and was able to do it!  When he got to the top he saw two other dinosaurs, a Triceratops and another Iguanodon.  Little Suka followed them.  At one point the hungry Apatosaurus caught up with them and they began to fight.  During fight the Apatosaurus pulled the other Iguanodon off a cliff and they both fell to their death.   As a result of the fight, Suka was bleeding from injuries and now he was alone.  Suka walked a long distance all by himself when he finally was able to find other dinosaurs.  He was able to make new friends and joined their group.  Suka’s dinosaur pack crossed a river to discover new lands.  Little Suka was very happy since he had many friends and a large group of dinosaurs to protect him.  Now that his life was safe, he had a good chance to grow up to be a large Iguanodon and one day start his own family.



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