Sea Paradise

Posted: 2013/01/08 in Fun

On Sunday December 23, 2012 I went to Sea Paradise in Yokohama. I traveled there by car together with my mom and dad. It took about 40 minutes to get there. When we got there we parked in a building not far from the park. We had to walk to a bridge to get to the small island park. Standing in front of the bridge were 2 people handing out maps. We took 1 map, then we then we went to an escalator at the beginning of the bridge. We had a paper that had 2 questions. The questions were: 1-How fast does a whale shark swim? 2-What does the whale shark eat? The answers to these questions are: 1.The whale shark swims as fast as a person walking. 2. The whale shark eats small fish. The good news is we got the answers right and as a prize we received 2 shiny pens. We then bought our tickets and went inside a building with a large aquarium. I saw eels, dolphins, sea turtles, an otter, and even a mambo getting fed! My favorite were the mud skippers and a weird little shrimp. The mud skippers were hopping everywhere. I liked the weird little shrimp because he was working hard and accidently kicked sand on his partner’s face! The mambo was sucking meat balls like a vacuum cleaner. I have never seen a fish so big before. We were surprised because of the shape of the mambo. It looked like a giant Chinese dumpling.

We ate at a buffet lunch at a nearby restaurant and walked over to an area where we could get closer to some small whales and dolphins, there were also penguins and seals. Towards the end of that area was a place where we could touch starfish, sea cucumbers and small sharks. In that same place there is a small hotel and a gift shop. By that time it started to get dark and we had to hurry up to the action park. In the action park I rode a small roller coaster, a Cartoon Network small plane ride and a Merry-Go –Round. After the action park it was time to walk to our car and head back home. By the time we got home I was exhausted but was very that my parents took me for an entire day of fun at Sea Paradise!




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