Posted: 2013/01/08 in My Blog


Use the following spelling words to make a story.

sooner  soonest  hotter  hottest  busier   busiest  happier  happiest

smaller  smallest  fatter  fattest  angrier  angriest  straighter  straightest

Story 1

Sooner it would be Christmas.  A boy who lives in Australia named Aiden was sitting in his room. He’s thinking about his Christmas presents. Outside the weather was getting hotter and hotter. Mom wasn’t home because dad was sick and they had to stay at the hospital. The last whole year dad’s work became busier and busier. Eventually he got sick.

” I want dad to be happier. I want him to be home more than other hottest presents!” Aiden stood up, took the straightest way to the hospital. Dad was lying on the bed. His face was even smaller. Aiden cried: ” Dad! I want you to be fatter and come home for Christmas!” Dad looked at Aiden and smiled, ” I will be the fattest person in the family and go home for my little boy!” Aiden laughed, ” This is my happiest Christmas ever!”

Story 2

A humming bird arrives to the flower sooner than a bee.

A bee works busier than a hippo.

A hippo is fatter than a stingray.

A stingray is happier than an angry bird.

An angry bird is angrier than a pig.

A pig is smaller than an elephant.

An elephant’s tail is straighter than a seahorse’s tail.

A seahorse’s blood is hotter than a frog’s blood.



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