My Nightmare

Posted: 2012/12/09 in Stories

On Saturday night December 8, 2012, I had a nightmare.

The nightmare was that I was on a bus and the bus driver turned left when he wasn’t supposed to, and turned right too much.
Then three kids including me flew out the bus.
We went rolling down a hill and we saw a lake and in the lake there was a crocodile.
So we ran up the hill holding each other.
Then two people fell out the bus.
On the bottom of the hill, there was no ground, only water with pirhannahs in it.
The two kids held on to each other and climed up.
Then the bus ran out of gas in front of a swamp with anacondas in it.
I came up with a plan and we did it.
We went to the other side, got some gasoline and headed to school.

When I woke up I found myself standing on top of dad’s bed!


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