Zoorasia Adventure

Posted: 2012/11/25 in Fun


On Thanksgiving Day my family went to the Yokohama Zoorasia.  My mom packed a bag full of snacks and water so we could enjoy the day without going hungry.  We traveled from Yokosuka to the zoo by car.  Dad drove through the highway and we got there in about 30 minutes.  Once we arrived, mom put money into a machine that gave us our tickets.  As soon as we passed the entrance gate, there was a photographer ready to take a picture of us.  The first animals we saw were the elephants.  They were huge and they were picking up hay from the floor with their trunks.  The elephants also picked up dirt with their trunks and they sprayed it all over their bodies, my dad said they were taking a dust bath.

The Yokohama Zoo had many birds.  There were eagles, seagulls, emus, penguins, pheasants, and peacocks.  I had fun playing with a little bird that looked like a chicken.  That little bird would jump when I jumped and it also chased me when I ran from side to side.  I liked the penguins; they looked like they were wearing a tuxedo and when they swam under the water they looked as if they were flying.

We had the chance to see many wild cats.  We saw leopards, tigers, and lions among some other smaller wild cats.  The most impressive were the lions.  We could see them up close; the only thing that kept us apart was a thick glass window.  It was kind of scary to see such a big cat right next to me!  I would like to travel to Africa and get to see the lions in the wild, but I don’t want to be on the ground when they are hungry!  If I ever get that opportunity, I would like to be up high and watch them from a helicopter.

Another fun area was the monkeys and the apes.  There was a place where the monkeys could play with each other and hang around rocks and ropes.  I saw two baby monkeys and they could climb up and down a tall rock cliff all on their own.  Their mom was always close by to make sure they were staying safe.  There was a big monkey that looked like he was the boss.  Wherever he went the other monkeys would stop what they were doing and give him space to do whatever he wanted to do.  I think the other monkeys were scared of him because he seemed to be very strong.  Finally we visited the chimpanzees.  The chimps were hairy, had long arms and a big, muscular body.  There was a big chimp that did not like kids and he would try to scare me every time he would walk by where I was standing.  Chimpanzees are smart animals.  They make and use their own tools; they also make their own beds with grass and branches.  We spent a long time watching the monkeys and the apes because they are so interesting to watch.  This is a part of the zoo that visitors won’t want to miss!

The zoo also had 2 playgrounds for kids.  I enjoyed playing on the zipline and my dad took some photos of me on top of some fake dinosaur bones.  The playgrounds had rope nets to climb, slides and wooden towers.  There were lots of kids having fun.  My favorite part was the zipline because I had to hold on tight and it was exciting to zip quickly from one post to the other.

We had a great time at the Yokohama Zoo and I definitely recommend this place for any family that enjoys nature.  This zoo is very well kept and the staff is friendly.  I hope mom and dad will take me there again sometime next year!

Big Zo-San  Big Zo-San

  This Tapirus is taking a nap with a blanket on its body.

  Long tail monkeys.

  Loin King and his family.

  Polar bear polar bear, what do you hear?

  Stay warm.

  Prepare for hibernating.

  Zoorasia’s most popular animal: Okapia

  This cute horsy has a weird name: Wild Ass!

  My favorite ocean animal: Seal

  There are 2 baby monkeys there.

  Happy feet

  I don’ know how porcupine lives with these needles on his back. It’s just too spiky!

 This little otter is a good swimmer.

  My mom said Capybara is actually a rat. Is it?

  Emu and Kanga and Roo!

  This Seagull came to us to ask for food. Sorry, I can’t give your my chocolates.

   Beautiful feather birds.

  This flower looks very pretty but actually is very stink, toilet stink!

  Dinosaur rider



    カピバラ ネズミ科に分類されてるので、南アメリカのアマゾン川辺りに生息していて、そこら辺は暖かいから、カピバラは草食系!!!けど、食肉として食べられてるところもあるので、可哀想。。。。

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