Fun Times at Field Athletic Woodland Park

Posted: 2012/11/12 in Fun

We went to our trip to the Field Athletic Park on Saturday by car.

My mom prepared some food, changing clothes and towel for me.

Her friend told her it could get wet in some water area.

When we got there I got a map and was amazed at what I was seeing.

On the map every project has a number. It totally has 50 of them.

At first I did is the free play.

There were many slides and a wooden branch that you had to balance on.

There were two zip lines too.

I like No.12. It was balancing on branches and holding on to ropes

No. 18 was getting on a boat and pulling on a string to make the boat move.

The hardest one was No.15, I laughed too much that’s why it was hard.

Bad thing happened when I was around No. 23.

There was a pond and I didn’t see it.

When I passed by it I slipped and fell in the pond!

My jeans and shoes were all socked with cold muddy water!

My mom took me to the bathroom and changed me to clean clothes.

I felt so thankful to my mom.

The rest were also very fun.

I had a good time at the Field Athletic Park!

I will tell my friends to go there and they will be so amazed too!



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