Posted: 2012/11/04 in Fun

On Wednesday October 31, 2012 my neighbor Kotaro, his little sister, his mom, my mom, my dad and I went trick or treating. 

It was the perfect night for Halloween, there was a big orange full moon up in the sky.  The houses were decorated with creepy things like big black cats, giant spiders, Jack o’ lanterns, tombstones, ghouls and goblins.  Some houses were very scary with screaming witches and howling recordings. 

I saw different costumes like skeletons, mummies, the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Superman and many others.  I was dressed like a person with an orange spider hat.  Kotaro was dressed like Michael Jackson and his little sister was dressed like a little witch.


All the kids were having fun while dressed in their favorite characters and getting lots of candy.  My favorite candies are Air Heads but I didn’t get much of them.  The candies I got the most were Laffy Taffies.  By six o’ clock we were done trick or treating.  We drove back home and I had fun counting and sorting all the candy.  Now I can’t wait until Christmas to see how many toys I will get!



  2. Manami says:

    I went there with my son Kai he was Capt. America. It was fun. He also got a lot of candies.
    brush and floss your teeth after you eat the candies. I hope both of you don’t get cavites.

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