Posted: 2012/10/14 in My Blog

I live in the 10th floor of an apartment building and we are not allowed to have dogs and cats.

Instead we have 2 gold fish and a frog.

I got these fish from a Japanese festival two years ago.

I named the darker one Rocky.

The other one is name Erika because its eyes look like they have eyelashes.

Right now they are about 3 inches long.

I found the frog from a pet shop.

He is an African nail frog.

I named him Fribit.

Rocky, Erica and Fribit live together in a Sponge bob fish tank.

It has a sponge bob toy seating on a couch.

We feed them twice a day fish food and dry worms.

Rocky and Erica like to chase each other after meal time.

Fribit likes to escape.

One day we found him in Dad’s sneaker shoe.

Another day we found him in the hallway covered in dust.

It’s fun to have pets in the house.



  2. Manami says:

    I know both of them. I really like escape Kaeru-kun. Especially when he get dry worm he uses both hands to get it. かわいいよね~。I am missing him.

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