My New Toys

Posted: 2012/09/23 in Fun

This weekend my mom and I went to LIVIN store.

My mom bought me many toys.

All of them I had to put their parts together to build the toys by myself or with my mom’s helps.

One is a green grasshopper.

It has solar battery in it.

If you put it under the sun, it will make small and fast jumps.

My favorite toy is a wind power bicycle.

This one took my mom and me long time to make it.

It is a little boy who is riding on a bike with a fan and a red light at front.

when the wind blows the fan, the boy will start paddling his bike and the light will flash.

Another toy is a “Talking Owl Bank”.

It can record you voice.

Every time when you put a coin into owl’s body, it will talk what you recorded.

It is really fun to play with it!

I also got a solar car, a twin car, a rainbow maker and a insect box.

I love my new toys!

  1. Han says:

    These smart toys for smart boy.You have a wonderful mom.

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