Fun Saturday

Posted: 2012/09/16 in Fun

Saturday my mom took me to Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Sience.

We took Keikyu- line to Shinagawa staition first.

Then we transferred to Yamanote-line to get to Tokyo Ueno Park.

This is the entrance of the museum.

Inside has a lot of animals, plants, fossils and dinosaurs skeleton.

Giant dinosaurs hanging on the roof.

Do you know what animal it is?

My favrite Brachiosaurus!

This flower is called  Rafflesia arnoldii.

It is the biggist flower in the world.

It dosen’t have leavs, stems or even roots.

It looks very beautiful but actually smells stink!

There are many crabs, beetles and butterflies!

This is the biggest meteorite in the Asia fell from Moon.

I’m in the forest!

Today I had a lot of fun!

I learned a lot of knowledge from this museum.

I want to come back again in the future.

  1. Manami says:

    Hi! Eric I love the museum too. So does my son. We often go there. I am glad you have fun with your mom.:-)

  2. Manami says:

    Happy Birth Day Eric. I heard it’s going to be your birth day tomorrow:-)
    Sorry about the weather but I wish you’re going to have a nice day.

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